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trista 8 years ago
Cool. More like this!! I love to fuck men in the ass. He was just beautiful.
john smith 7 years ago
that wasnt the 1st time she has used a strapon. look at her rythm and speed
mike 9 years ago
YES!!!! i let my gf's roommates tie me up and fuck me just like that every day while my gf is at work
Moh 5 years ago
I want that girl who duck my ass
Dem paintings tho 6 years ago
I love Lance to death and every video of him getting fucked is pure gold, but this set is killing me. What old lady let them use her den to shoot this in?! Those boat paintings and corny ass chair are hella distracting lmao
Bleon 6 years ago
I want to do and I
Mikey 7 years ago
Okay ladies my ass is up for grabs for you to fuck
Hhmmm 6 years ago
He's bisexual
Damn!! 8 years ago
The way he rode her was so fucking hot, I would fuck him so hard!
kevin 9 years ago
Both these dommes are amazingly beautiful!